Thursday, October 30, 2008

Win contest from blipbit

mil3tt3 on blipbit are holding a contest.

The Prizes

worth $50 to be won.$10 each to three blogs which will be decided randomly.$5 each for leaving a comment on the listed 4 blogs.

How to enter the contest

1. Blog about this contest in your blog. This would give you a chance to win $10 paypal money. I will be giving out $10 to three blogs which promoted my contest (NOTE : I am talking about blogs not BLOGGERS). So if you have three blogs and if the RANDOMIZER favors you, who knows all your blogs will hit the top 3 spot and you’ll have the $30 for yourself. Then a consolation prize of 1000EC credits each to blog #4 and blog #5. You can promote this contest the way you want it but please make sure that you put links on my four blogs. Thanks.

Please leave a comment on this post with the url where you posted about the contest. P.S. Please put in your blog name (not your name) in the space for NAME in the comment section. This way it would be a lot easier for me.

2. Add all my blogs in your blogroll (all four blogs) and have the chance to win $5 each for first prize and 500 each for the 2nd and 3rd spot. Note : Each blogs equates to $5. Meaning you can earn as much as $20.

Here are my blogs :

a. dramas of my life - leave a comment here once you have added me in your blogroll.

b. Momiespace - leave a comment here once you have added me in your blogroll.

c. LupuSurvivor - leave a comment here once you have added me in your blogroll

d. BlipBit - leave a comment here once you have added me in your blogroll.

Just a favor for all the participants :

1. Please add your comments in the link provided so that I won’t be confused when its time to draw the winners. Make my life easier since I am a stay at home of an energetic two year old daughter with no nanny and a husband who is working in Kuwait. lol. Have pity on me, will you? hahahah.

2. If you add me to your blogroll before you are still entitled to be part of the $5 draw just leave me a comment on the link provided. I am also requesting all participant to please not removed me on your blogroll once this contest has ended. I, on the other hand will make sure to add you in my blogroll as well and will definitely visit your blog when time permits.

3. Since this is my contest and it’s my money, I have all the rights to reject or deny any participants if I feel that the participant is using some under hand tactics just to win.

4. One comment, one blog. Therefore if you have three participating blog in this contest make sure you also leave three comments.

Deadline : 15th November 2008

Just for KICKS!!

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MiLeT said...

i love the animated text. thanks for joining my contest.