Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Enter to win in our Presidential Potential giveaway from brainbench

I have got an email come from "Brainbench, a PreVisor company, has served over 5,000 corporate and 6 million individual customers."

Look below for detail :

Ever wonder if you might have what it takes?
Take Brainbench's new Fun Quiz and see how your Presidential Potential compares with your friends!
Our fun quiz will determine:
  • Your understanding of basic US politics and governing rules
  • Your knowledge of US history
  • Your international knowledge
  • If you share key personality traits with past presidential greats
Fun and challenging, this test takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. In addition, you'll be entered to win one of over 200 fantastic prizes!

Fun and challenging, this test consists of 25 randomly generated questions and takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Share this page url with your friends and see which one of you might be better suited for the job.

This fun quiz won't win you the Presidency, but you could still come out a winner*! One grand prize winner will receive a new iPod Nano. Two second-place prize winners will receive iPod Shuffles. Finally, you could be one of 200 lucky test takers to win a promo code good for ANY Brainbench certification test of your choice (a $50 value)!

Valid, completed tests will be entered in a drawing to win an iPod nano. The testing cut-off date is Saturday, November 15 , 2008, so hurry!

Get Started with the test!


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blog.medanblogger.com said...

bah dapat undangan kau kutengok neh bra