Friday, January 2, 2009

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marketing-business-review are holding a contest.


1.- 100 dlls in Cash via Paypal plus another 25 dlls in Cash By Marketing Business Review

The 100 dlls you will get them by doing the most credits and being in the first 10 commentators, you could be in the last spot of the Top Commentator and still win the 100 dlls due to the actions performed, there is actually the possibility that anyone not winning the first place could opt to just comment a lot and get the first place at the Top Commentator and get those 25 dlls in Cash via Paypal.

We can actually have 2 winners, one for the credits alone and other for being the first place in the Top Commentator widget.

2.- Adverts 125×125 for 30 Days.

Marketing Business Review worth 20 dlls

Everyday Living worth 30 dlls

Free Money Maker worth 10 dlls

Amor Francis worth 20 dlls

3.- Featured Links for 30 Days

Marketing Business Review worth 5 dlls

Shanker Bakshi dot Com worth 10 dlls

Free Money Maker worth worth 5 dlls

4.- 1000 EC

Free Money Maker worth 6 dlls

5.- Ebooks

Pei Profits dot Com Make Money Online Instant Blog Traffic worth 47 dlls

What Did You Get If You Win.

First Place:

100 dlls plus the 25 dlls if you get in the first place in the Top Commentator widget.

Advert 125×125 You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

Featured Link for 1 Month You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

1000 EC If you dont have Entrecard, you can sign up for FREE.

Ebook “Instant Blog Trafficby Ben Pei

When the first place get all his prizes, it would leave 5 more prizes, 3 Adverts 125 and 2 Text Link Ads that will be awarded to 2,3,4,5,6 places.

You can also win the 25 dlls just for being in the contest and commenting to be Number one in the Top Commentator.

How To Enter

You just have to do the following actions that are mandatory to be eligible to enter and win:

  • Post about this contest in your blog, you have to include a link to this post as well as links to my Sponsors including the banner above. They are helping you and me so please lets give them something back, do not forget those links please. You will need to comment in this post including a link to the post in your site. Credits: 100
  • Also you need to subscribe by Email to the feed or to the Newsletter. You need to use the same email for both commenting in here and for the subscription. Credits: 100 (If you want to subscribe to both Feed and Newsletter it is after you, but it is not mandatory, only one it is need it to enter, but if you do, add yourself another extra 100 credits)
For more information please visit below :

Deadline : January 17, 2009

Win 125 dlls in Cash plus Prizes in Every Action Counts Christmas Contest!

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