Friday, February 27, 2009

100,000 Credit Giveaway from entre card

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another HUGE Entrecard contest!

As you all know, we recently launched our new marketplace. There are HUNDREDS of items on sale for Entrecard credits, including graphic design, web hosting, guest posting, all types of advertising and more.

Why, just today in the mail I received a bottle of essential oil, a sheet of Elvis stamps, a Wolverine action figure, a mix CD and some cool stones. I bought it all with Entrecard credits!! So cool.

So, naturally I think we're on to something big here. REAL big. Which is why I am holding the BIGGEST ENTRECARD CONTEST EVER and giving away 100,000 credits to one lucky user!!

Here's how to enter to win 100,00 credits:

1.) I want you to create a NEW listing in the marketplace. Maybe you haven't created a listing yet, or maybe you've already created 10. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that right here, right now, you think of something new you can offer in our market. A blog review? A mix CD? A fishing pole in the attic? A consultation of some sort? ANYTHING!

2.) After you've listed your new item or service in the Market, write a blog post about it. Talk about what you listed, how much you charged and why. Also give a brief overview of the Market. Link to your listing.

3.) Make sure, in the title of your post, you include the words "Entrecard Market" -this is how I'll find out who entered.

4.) Embed one of these youtube videos in your post:

That's it! I will give everyone who posts a single entry into the contest, and on the last day of February, will pick ONE LUCKY PERSON to win 100,000 CREDITS! That's a week from today so hurry hurry!

Graham Langdon
Founder / CEO

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